Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hamas, Heathlander and the hatred of Jews

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During World War Two, at the Concentration Camps, there were Jews who did the Nazi's bidding in the hope they would be killed last. These Jews were called Sonderkommandos.

The Heathlander publishes his celebration of Hamas' victory on the Daily Kos reminds me of these Sonderkommandos. In over 171 posts on his Blog and the Daily Kos, he talks of a Palestinian state to the exclusion of Israel; But State Building requires compromise and building investments for the future. Hitler was elected in 1933, so was Hamas. But Hamas never built schools, roads or diplomatic niceties with the neighbors.

Look at The Heathlander's posts on The Daily Kos; Not one word on the acceptance of Israel as a State. Who has these same views? Neo-Nazi's (who ironically find a home at the Daily Kos). A week ago, I challenged the Heathlander to find me three posts that called for the return of the missing soldiers unharmed, that Israeli civilians are not to be targeted and whether or not Israel is a legitimate country. He refused to answer the questions and he refused Jason's peaceful overtures for an airing of views between a Pro-Israeli and himself. Who is the true warmonger? I accepted Jason's deal.

In 2005, Israel disengaged from Gaza. Every single Jewish settler was kicked out by Sharon's government. Now that Hamas run Gaza, what did they do? Kill everyone that is not Hamas.

I give you quotes from two Israeli Prime Ministers; One from the Left, and the other from the Right -- 40 years apart:

1. "Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel." -- Golda Meir

2. "If the Israeli's put down their guns, it will be a slaughter; If the Arabs put down their guns, it will be peace." -- Bibi Netanyahu

The Heathlander is playing revolutionary; He is Suha Arafat in Paris. He expects others to die for his beliefs. If he was a true revolutionary, he would be in the Gaza Strip tomorrow instead of Hampstead Heath, London.

Every history lesson about the Jews relates how we are attacked "in every generation," As a Jew, I pray for the Heathlander to see the wrongness of his writings. As a former Democrat, I worry that the Daily Kos will stop supporting Isreal and so will go the elected officials; As a Republican, I promise to use every word on the Daily Kos written by the Heathlander as a weapon against the Democrats.

We should have left the Sonderkommandos in Germany in 1945; They should not be writing for the Democrats in the 21st Century.


  1. The situation in the Palestinian territories has gone from bad to heartbreaking. Anybody thinking that a Hamas victory is a good thing is severely misguided. How many more people have to die? I may not be sold on this whole accusation of antisemitism, but I have to question the motives of somebody who claims to want what is best for the Palestinian people yet cheers for their takeover by a Lebanese terrorist group that will only bring more death upon them.

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM PDT

    ROCK ON, DUDE!!!

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM PDT

    Interesting comments lately. Seems you are well loved by your adoring public. I am so proud of you, my love.


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