Saturday, June 09, 2007

A challenge to the Anti-Semite Heathlander

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It seems the Heathlander responded. Woo hoo. If I was accused of hating a race or a country, my first reaction would be: "I am not Anti-Semitic! Here's proof." Instead he ranted on how an invasion of Iran on Israel is a "thought experiment." If you wish to do a "thought experiment" (otherwise known as a hypothesis, use a dictionary), how about "What if the Palestinians worked on State Institutions rather then bombing soft targets?" or "What if the Arabs rescinded their Economic Boycott of Israel?"

He writes on International relations but doesn't understand Wilsonian idealism or Nixonian Realism; Mind you, those world views affect America's presence in the Middle East -- maybe you should be awake in school Heathlander.

But here is my challenge, if you respond effectively, I will not call you "an Anti-Semite," "Quisling" or that you wish "to push the Jews into the sea," in any other post. I will not tie your words to any Democrat running for office or in office now. Three things:

1) If you are not Anti-Semitic, I'm sure you wrote a post during the Israeli-Lebanon war about returning Galid Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser safely and unharmed. Find me that post.

2) If you are not Anti-Semitic, I am sure you have written between 1 January and 1 May 2007 that Israel citizens should not be attacked. Find me two posts.

3) Answer me this: Do you believe that Israel is a legitimate country?
a) If yes, what should they do to defend themselves?
b) If no, what should be in Israel's place?

Heathlander, if you do not answer by 5:00PM, Monday, Greenwich Mean Time, I will continue to let the world community know that you are an Anti Semite and that you wish death for the Jews. Prove me wrong.


  1. JSF, I'm sure that you are no stranger to the way our legal system here in this country works. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. As you are the one accusing Heathlander of anti-semitism, it is not up to him to prove you wrong by criteria that you have set. It is up to you to prove yourself right. I have checked out all of your links to his blog and so far all you have proven is that this guy runs a blog that you don't agree with.

    If anything, the way you are running this accusatory jihad against him does no favors for your side. One of the major criticisms of American supporters of Israel is that rather than debate the critics, they are painted as anti-semitic, and when they point this out they are then labeled as anti-semitic conspiracy theorists.

    I can guarantee that both you and Heathlander have one major thing in common, and that is that you both want people to stop killing each other. Why not start from that common ground rather than hurl insults and accusations?

  2. Jason,

    But he is given the biggest megaphone of all on the Democratic Bloggers side. If he published just one post saying that:
    A) Isreal has a legitimite right to exist
    B) Civilians are not to be targeted in any Palistinian action
    C) That he was wrong for proposing a lessening of a the only jewish state. Or that Kos would step in and say "That's enough!"

    I would stop. However, when I was a Democrat (remember the Daily kos is a democratic site), guys like him would be escorted away from the microphone by the Tamany guys. I am just looking for the Dems or their allies to think twice about someone who gives succor to an individual who supports kids blowing themselves up among soft targets.

  3. OK, here's the deal. I'm going to attempt to be like Jimmy Carter here and sit the two of you down to come to an understanding like a group of adults. If we can do it in the blogosphere, they can do it in the real world. Also like Jimmy Carter, I'm going to eat some peanuts with lust in my heart.

  4. I'll take the deal, but I think Kissinger did a better job than Carter though. Can you put on a German accent?

  5. War criminal Hank could kiss my assinger! Unfortunately for this peace project, your overly aggressive attack on Heathlander has him wanting nothing to do with you and thinking you're a loonie. Oh well, looks like we'll have to try this again some other time. I'm still open to moderate, but if you could maybe politely invite somebody you disagree with next time instead of hurling accusations and demanding that they defend themselves it might actually happen.

  6. Jason,

    I have to on offense with The Heathlander. His views go unmolested at The Daily Kos; He sees nothing wrong with bombs on the backs of babies.

    Peace begins with two sides saying we're wrong. His reply to you means he sees nothing wrong with suicide bombers attacking soft targets.

    It wouldn't matter if I was civil and nice -- He would still refuse to debate because that is who he is. Look at his attitude with people who found him wanting at the Pro-palestinian rally. No remorse, no "well, you could have a point," with his detractors.

    If I was willing to say, "let's give it a shot -- I'll even apologize," why be obstinate?

    I'll tell you. It is because for the Pro-palestinian side, it is easier to blame Israel and her supporters than to build institutions which constitute a state and make nice with the neighbors.

  7. Bad logic all around. Hopefully there will be another opportunity. I've posted for the very last time on this subject on my blog. All I ask of you is one favor...

    Please don't post any Sopranos finale spoilers until Tuesday! I've got it TiVoed.

  8. Anonymous3:40 AM PDT

    Jason, I couldn't resist your question on an earlier post. Find there my views on Heathlander and the answer to your rather odd question.

  9. Anonymous3:51 AM PDT

    I see Jason's been over kissing Heathlander's proverbial. I added my own two cents there. I'm sure he'll hammer me like he's hammered JSF. Par for the course.


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