Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cui Bono?

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According to The Economist, the dollar is falling I read the article at lunch today and tried to put some pieces together. As the Latin saying goes, Cui Bono? , Who benefits? Let's walk down this path together....
The American economic system has many checks and balances. We have a central banking system [The Federal Reserve System] that has been determined for the last 20 years by either a Republican President (Bush pere, Bush fils) or a Republican Congress. Soros has been involved in financial speculation of different currencies since 1992, starting with the United Kingdom, and moving onto the Asian flu.
Now following this theory, most Wall Streeters talk of getting "Whales" of investors. For men of Soros' stature, they are looking for "Whale" economies. The United States is the biggest in the world (China is moving up). Start with influencing the Federal Reserve, and the appointment process of its Governors. If the GOP will not support Soros in his work, who will help?
Backing the Democrats in 2004 with 527 organizations, he fought President Bush on ideological grounds. But why? If America was truly a World Police State, there would be military troops in Putin's office, and around American cities. Soros used the specter of 9/11 to help break into the American financial markets. He attacks Bush through proxies, not because of his opposition to Bush's foreign policy, but his economic policies.
If Democrats win the Congress again in 2008, along with the Presidency, with Soros footing the bill, how soon before the Financial Speculators attack the American economy in 2010?

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  1. JFS,

    I see where your going with this, but I think you need to elaborate more. Other than that, great blog!

    Thinking Right


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