Friday, December 29, 2006

Highlights from the Valley

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In TV shows, there is something called a "clip show" or highlights. Sometimes this is known as "Jumping the Shark." But this is dry land and there are no sharks to jump. Here are some of my favorite posts from the Valley......

10. Reviewing V for Vendetta -- Early postings do not mean coherent postings.

9. Self-Portrait of Delacroix -- A picture of my favorite painter.

8. A computer Prayer -- Use it and miracles appear!

7. Clinton's CIA v. Bush's Administration -- And no one noticed!

6. Another good Delacroix painting.

5. An American National Secrets Act? -- A good theory, but no answers.

4. When Darkness at Noon arrives, it will fly under a Democrat banner.

3. Hevesi in New York State and how it affects me. Also how a congressional seat in Florida affects me as well. (tie)

2. Wilsonian Idealism v. Nixonian Realism. -- More on this on a later post.

1. My post on why George Soros is a Democrat. -- Not for the reasons you think.

Enjoy the posts. Write a comment. Send me an email. There is more to come.

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