Thursday, December 14, 2006

Standing on the shoulder of giants

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I have engaged in two posts on the Althouse site regarding Republicans and Liberals on the internet. A question came up, does JSF hate Left wingers? If I was asked, I would have said "No." But having been a former Liberal Democrat for New York City, I can despise what the Party and it's members have become.

Try engaging a Democrat (or Liberal) about the War in Iraq. They do not see how engaging Saddam Hussain and making Iraq a proving ground for terrorists (who have stated explicitly that they would attack the US again) makes us here a little bit more safe. As a Jew who was Bar Mitzvahed in Israel, I see the negative posts (and comments) about Israel on the Huffington Post and Daily Kos. My eyes have seen what I already knew.

And domestically? How do you engage in a conversation with someone who says, "If we don't win, you cheated." Because that is all the Democrats have been saying for the past six years. They won and they are still angry. Even during Impeachment, the Republicans in Washington still respected the institution of the Presidency. I can't find one Democrat online (or in real life) who would be civil to the President. I shook President Clinton's hand even though I was opposed to his policies. I was civil. Am I asking too much for the Democrats and their minions to act like adults?


  1. Hello, JSF, my name is Trevor. I've come here from Chez Althouse - indeed, from that very thread! It doesn't look like that's a good venue for outreach, so I was very heartened to find one here.

    I'm a liberal, JSF, and I would like to talk to you. We can talk about the war, Israel, the presisidency, or any other topic you wish, and I promise to conduct myself with the utmost civility. It may be a long shot, but I'm willing to bet we can elevate the discourse, two people at a time.

  2. Trevor, as I posted on your Blog. I am interested in talking. Let's lay the groundwork and see what can be built.


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