Saturday, December 16, 2006

Birthday Post

Please join in the Valley of the Shadow Annual Fundraiser. We are raising $7,700 and have raised $200 so far.
First, read this post by my friend Rebbecca. Then, here is what happened today in history. I share the same birthday as Ludvig Van Beethoven and Philip K. Dick. Also today was the beginning of The Battle of the Bulge and the Boston Tea Party. Here are some birthday wishes:

  1. Raise the funds for the Annual fundraiser.
  2. Vern Buchanan gets seated in the 110th Congress.
  3. Eventually, to end up working in a policy job in Washington, DC.
  4. Be able to afford a new Car (Toyota Corolla LE)
  5. See Jimmy Buffett, Moby and Seal in a concert.
  6. Visit Israel again (last time was for my Bar Mitzvah in 1983).
  7. Live (and work) under a Republican Majority again (House, Senate and White House).
  8. To stop hearing from Democrats, "If we don't win, you cheated," And from Democrats, that they accept the Two party system. Sometimes the bear eats you.
  9. The Palestinians accepting the two-state solution and stop sending Homicide bombers and missiles into Israel.
  10. Eventually, to work for a Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire.
  11. See the Washington Redskins win a Super Bowl. Also, to watch live, the New York Yankees win the World Series.
  12. Take a vacation in the Caribbean and get licenced to Scuba Dive.

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