Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two men enter, One man leave.

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This is not Thunderdome. This is New York State politics.

Last month, two men won their respective offices: State Comptroller Alan Hevesi won re-election and Eliot Spitzer won the Governorship. Now the charge against Hevasi is using Government vehicles for personal use. However, if you know New York City and State Politics, this is tiddly winks compared to what has been done before. Remember Gangs of New York? Tammany Hall is not a movie creation; Its roots lie deep throughout the state and New York City.

Hevasi used the Government vehicles to transport his sick wife. Under Liberalism, isn't this a good thing? Let's walk down Baker Street (or in NYC, Bleeker Street) for a moment.

Who had the power to investigate a State Officer? The State Attorney General.
Who was the last State Attorney General? Eliot Spitzer.
Why? Hevasi has worked a lot of years in the Queens and New York City and State Democratic Circles. Before I became a Republican, this was my training ground. In politics, people collect and use "chits" or favors to be used later. Hevasi racked up a lot of chits by playing it straight within the party. In four years, who would be Spitzer's challenger? Hevasi.
Two side notes: I haven't posted recently because of birthday, then being under the weather, and now Oscar season but now I'm back. And also, why would a Conservative Republican defend a Liberal Democrat in New York State?

Once upon a time I grew up in a town called Forest Hills in New York City. Hevasi's chief of staff lived there. I knew (and still know today) his daughter. She called to wish me a Happy Birthday. I know something as a Pragmatist, that an idealist always forgets, the Personal is never political.

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