Wednesday, December 06, 2006


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The computer has been down and then came back up today, hence the fundraiser. But what a week it has been. The storm clouds are darkening, can you hear the thunder yet?

First, John Bolton leaves his post in Turtle Bay. Next, former Democratic President Jimmy Carter deigns that Jews are unfit to live in Israel, but Arafat's people are. The Iraq Study Group proposes surrender and hari-kari. And, finally, a delegation of Democratic politicians met with Hamas to decide the fate of Israel and Iraq,

These are foreshadowing of darker times ahead. Negotiating with Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Queda (in Iraq), where does that lead? They are not military armies content to get Real Estate. They wish to recreate Umayyads empire extending from Europe to Asia. And extend their Sharia laws to America and the United Kingdom.

The War in Iraq forced these disparate, but very determined groups to play defense. America leaves, they take the oil funds, 9/11 will be a minor blip compared to what will happen. And yet, the Democrats, have no qualms about sacrificing Israel or America to people who will either convert or kill.

A challenge to my Democrat readers. Again, prove me wrong. How many Minyans are in Mecca? How many Priests or Baptisms are in Indonesia? Will your fight for the Palestinians help stop the terrorists? I await an answer.

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