Thursday, November 30, 2006

Begin the Beguine

Storm clouds are still gathering overseas, winter has hit Southern California [34 degrees on Wed. morning (take that Global Warming)], but some important events are coming up this month.....

1) The Valley of the Shadow's annual Fundraising drive -- It begins tomorrow and I will ask on every post throughout this month. Maintaining the Valley is hard work, and the creator always needs alms. If you donate via Pay Pal, I will thank you personally and get you a shirt from The Valley of the Shadow.

2) My birthday -- December 16. Please remember it, I always lose out to Christmas every year. Visit the Wishlist or help with the fundraising drive. Thank you.

3) Keep your eye on March and May -- More news later.


  1. How could I ever forget your birthday? Do you remember the time we went out in the snow for your birthday? It was SO cold and you wanted to go to that restaurant in Georgetown so off we went. I think this year I'll do something a little warmer for your birthday...motek stay well :)

  2. JSF, my friend I do not think that your birthday will be forgotten. Indeed I would argue that your birthday like that of Ice Princess will be made a bational holiday.
    Take Care


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