Monday, November 13, 2006

Point of Divergence

History occurs while we live our lives. In alternate history, points diverge, paths are taken, and most do not question what could have been. Come January 3rd, we will be at a point of divergence depending on what happens in Congress and the President.
Democrats have campaigned on leaving Iraq. Let's follow this point and see what the future holds....
March 15, 2007 - Congress authorizes and budgets re-deploying the troops to Okinawa, Japan. This is to be done within 6 months. President Bush (with help from his father's advisers) signs the bill and the budget.
September 2007 - Final troops leave Iraq. Iran and Syria having allied themselves with Al-Queda in Iraq, Hams and Hezbollah move in.
December 2007 - The Fertile Crescent, now empty of Western troops, allows the terrorist groups to align and take over Middle and Southern Iraq. Massacres of Shias and Sunnis who do not follow the "Islamic Coalition" occurs. Kurds defend themselves. American soldiers fighting in Darfur and cannot defend the innocent.
March 2008 - Islamic Coalition establishes control over Oil . Aligns with Venezuela and Iran. Iraq becomes "Islamic Republic of Iraq." Funds start to arrive from Oil selling.
June 2008 - Nuclear Bombs over Israel from Iran and Iraq. Population destroyed. Democrats worry about quagmire in Darfur.
September 2008 - First suicide bombers attack "soft targets" in America. Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and New York attacked. Democrats blame President Bush. Troops pulled out of Darfur.
Can anyone prove me wrong?

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