Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is Israel the new Czechoslovakia?

Read to what Mahmoud Ahmidinajad (sp?) said about Israel.

Here is Netanyahu's reply.

This question is for the democrats in the audience. If your party wants to negotiate with Al-Queda in Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas, what do you think they want?

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  1. CHILLING, To anyone with half a brain, and a recollection of a little history....we know what is coming.
    It is in the hands of God now, the death pact has already been formulated, the plans are in the making. Evil nations seem to have a lot of liquid gold beneath the soils of their nations, so it's all over.

    Or is it? God still sits on the throne of His universe, and he will have His way in this seemingly hopeless situation for a tiny place of refuge for God's chosen.


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