Sunday, November 12, 2006

Four Questions

Now that I've re-seen the Cinamax Star Wars series (I - VI), cried in my beer over Tuesday, brought the Blog into Blogger Beta, now it is time ask some questions of the new Democrat majority.
1) If Democrats decide to pull out of Iraq, what are their plans to defend against another attack in the United States?
2) If Israel is attacked again, and the Daily Kos decries American support of Israel, will the Democrats rescind any monetary or military support of the only Jewish Democracy in the Middle East?
3) How will the Democrats support the Executive Branch in fighting the War on Terror? Specific examples please -- what tools? and what goals?
4) If re-distribution of tax funds are the way of fixing problems, who gets to decide?
Come on you Democrats. You can continue to gloat if you can answer these questions.


  1. Are these rhetorical questions or do you actually want bloggers to tell you what you think? It seems like you would like these to go unanswered until a Democrat in power answers them for you. So, I am asking before I tell you anything.

  2. No, these aren't rhetorical. I would like for a Democrat to answer those questions. If they are in power, that would be a plus. For now, I'm willing to hear your answers.


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