Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The storm is coming

At what point do we realize that the danger is coming? I've warned in an earlier post what could happen. Here is what is going on right now.
The Orchestra is practising before the show begins. Afghanistan and Iraq put the enemy in a defensive stance. Again, my liberal friends, are you willing to fight the Islamofacists on Santa Monica Blvd or Bleeker Street? The opening gun started with the murder of a Lebanese politician named Pierre Gemayel. The gun came from Assad in Syria . The bullet that flew to kill Gemayel is from the same people that gave us 9/11. Same ideology, no matter the country.
The Democrats throughout their campaign said "We must leave Iraq,". Fine. But we are facing a Stateless Enemy (or an NGO). We leave, where will they go?
Anti-Semitic Bloggers like the Heathlander believe the enemy is Israel and the United States. When the forced conversions begin, when the beheading begins (after we concede Israel to Hamas and Hezbollah), when woman wear Chadors, maybe the Democrats will join the War. Until then, I pray that we only hear thunder.

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