Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Movie Night -- Miracle Mile (1988)

A love story, a pre-apocalyptic story and a story near my Couch pad -- Miracle Mile was a movie I always rented from the Video Store in Forest Hills on 108th Street during the 80's because it blew my mind.

This week I shall write about the Praetorian Media and how we are falling our way back to the 70's (sans Cold War).  

Also reforming the Three Republican institutions: RNC, CAGOP and RPLAC -- how to make them stronger as we enter the Congressional cycle.  Hint: Bloggers are the key.

And attacking the Zombie of the American Ancient Regime (or, the modern Henri Louis de Rohan), Charles Pierce.

Anthony Edwards, lost in a world Charles Pierce made

First, a tune, then the movie:

Now, Miracle Mile!

And the world spins on!

My question: What institutions needs reforming? What reforms?

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