Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Post 1,100: A Gothy Muse and some Heavy Thoughts

Like I do on my Twitter feed -- I hit the number 100, so I do something unique.  

First, a Gothy Muse:

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira and a Scarier car then Christine

Part I -- Helping a Friend

In the time I have not been writing, I actually had a friendship that seemed to move far.  Suffice to say, I am happy to date any girl who can out think me (or have knowledge in areas I do not know) -- People tell me I'm smart, but the smartest thing I know is there are many things I DO NOT know. I really don't care about a woman's past, I'd just like to join the journey where she's going.

She understood the Technological Singularity and her thoughts truly went "Outside the box," 

And then, her stalker of 11 years, Jason Christopher Hughes, forced her underground again. I can only say prayers, but can someone contact Patterico (and RS McCain) to get on this guy and make sure he stops stalking her and others.


Part II -- Future Posts

This has been a quiet year in the Valley, writing wise, because I am trying to figure, where IRL I'm trying to go.  The intensity of the 2012 campaign broke many friendships (I see that across my FB feed). As long as you allow me to say my piece, or ask me questions about the Right, or at least try to understand my business (for Politics is a business, done by deals and speeches), I am fine. 

What surprises me are my friends on the Left who drop me for writing something here and never reach out.  That is annoying.  Communication keeps the world going.  I forgive easily, I used to be a Democrat so I don't Hate Democrats (just their hypocrisy and how they treated the last Administration and expected no karmic retribution from said actions); Those that know me IRL have my phone number and email, I do respond to questions.   Cutting me off is childish.

If it can be done in DC, it can be done in Goth Clubs

I am looking at running locally for a position or expanding my reach with the State and National Party.  I miss DC and not working upon the Hill, but at the same time I love LA with its many corners and wonderful people.

If I got hooked up with a (Politically Right) magazine, that would be cool too

Now then, what future posts do I have in mind?

1) Keeping an eye on LA and the New Mayor; 
2) The Democrats as the Modern Ancien Regime;
3) Zombie Journalists;
4) Finishing up Space Colonies and the American Polity posts; and
5) History, repeating.  As it always does.

Let us end with a tune:

My question: What do like about the Valley?

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  1. Sorry -- I do not publish comments from the person stalking my friends.


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