Saturday, May 28, 2011

California is the place where Republican Monies Should Go: the NYGOP failed again!

To Chairman Reince Priebus;
Re: Winning 2012 with the Right State

Mr. Chairman:

I am originally a New Yorker; I was involved in NYC politics when I was a Liberal Democrat, and in Long Island, I became a Republican. After spending some time in DC, I have moved out to Los Angeles, California and have been involved as a Republican since 2003.

As we come into the 2012 Cycle, it is time to think where to invest national funds.  Here's a hint: New York State will not be yours anytime soon; here in California, we only have one county to flip and the hard work is being done by multiple ground troops. 

History is always precedence and recent history even more so. 

Two (1, 2)  special  elections in Upstate New York that should have gone to the Republicans did not.  Upstate New York, along with Long Island, were supposed to be a bedrock of support for Republicans.  If you go by the special elections and regular elections, not so.

Here in Los Angeles, where we are not expected to win because of Prop 14 and the Westside, two candidates have come through to fight (and fight hard).  Lydia Gutirrerz put up a damn good fight for Community College Board and now, in CD CA-36, Craig Huey, Republican is there to fight. 

RPLAC supported both. CAGOP supported both. 

Where is the RNC?

To win California, you just need to win one county: Los Angeles

The New York State GOP has no fighting spirit or any sense of opposing the current Democratic leadership.  They couldn't even run a candidate against Senator Hillary Clinton.  Twice.  That's not the CAGOP or RPLAC's fault. 

So, Chairman Pribius, I am writing book about why to invest in Los Angeles and California politics.  Before it is written, I hope you come through and help raise $60 Million for the CAGOP (and $30 Million for RPLAC). 

The political frontier is here.  Join us.

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