Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Band Needs a Record Label -- Many of Odd Nature

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I know a great singer to a great band (and yes, she is a great friend too.)  Her name is Charly and her band is Many of Odd Nature.

When they go onstage, it isn't just music; It is magic, mirth and Old School. 

Many of Odd nature should be playing all the major Goth festivals around the world. 

I saw them play two weeks ago at Bar Sinister and I know why I raved about the band originally. It's not just about the music (and for my politico readers, this is important), but putting on a hell of a show.  

If there is anyone who can rep them or sign them to a major label, email Charly here.

And here is some of what you are missing by not seeing Many of Odd nature:

Many of Odd Nature, Wolf vs. Moon (at Bar Sin)

This band needs to get signed!

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