Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Three Ways to look at the End of OBL

With Osama Bin Laden dead, what happens next, both internationally and domestically?

Here is a bit of foresight into the (very) near future:

I)  Middle East and Central Asia -  With the fires of freedom burning around the Middle East and Central Asia, (Read this Blog for more info on the Caucuses and Central Asia), President Obama has not settled on a foreign policy: Is it Nixonianism where this Administration supports the current rulers? Or will the Obama Administration follow President Bush fils lead and strike towards Wilsonianism, a belief that more Democracies bring peace (this is what I believe)?

Two and a half years in and no one can tell me what the "Obama Doctrine," is.  

Any President can follow his predecessor (see Bay of Pigs for example), but what makes a Presidency is the definition of what the President stands for.  And today, I still don't know what Obama believes.  His actions belie his words.

II) Domestic Politics -- The Democrats -- This is not a "win," for the Democrats or President Obama, it is a victory for all Americans and all the Presidents who were involved in trying to get Osama Bin Ladin.  Before 9/11/01, NO ONE had any understanding of what Al Queda was aiming for. 

I don't blame any policy maker before 9/11. 

But I do remember every time President Bush tried ANYTHING (including the introduction of Wilsonianism into a region lacking Democracy), there were the professional naysayers.  Following bank transfers? tapping phone calls? Gitmo? 

A lot of us who supported the last Administration will never forget the demonization and hand tying of the last Administration by the Left. 

As long as Democrats and their partisans do not turn this into a "Wellstone Memorial," moment, America will be fine.  If  they go down that path, recent history should be revived.  I will happily join in.

III)  Domestic Politics -- The Republicans Election 2012 is not in the bag for the Democrats (as I detail here).  The Democrats used the guidebook on the War on Terror written by a Republican Administration. 

The major media is looking at Election 2012 as a replay of Election 2008 -- It isn't.  It's a replay of Election 1992 (President Clinton announced his Presidential campaign on October 2, 1991) or Election 1980 (President Reagan announced November 13, 1979).

As I tweeted to a friend this week: One victory overseas does not an Election make (yes, I wrote as Yoda).   Don't believe me? Tell me about about President Bush pere's second term.  Or President Carter's.

And finally, which party has been in the corner of the Intelligence agents? Hint: It was not the Republicans who wanted to prosecute Our Friends in the Dark.  (And Our Friends in the Dark deserve many kudos)

My question: Why did the Democrats overturn the belief "Politics stops at the waters edge," during the last administration but want it followed during this administration?

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