Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trump's Game: Using New York tactics in a National Game

If you were reading the Valley in March, I called out Donald Trump's faux campaign.  He is not serious, he was never serious.  He never even filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Inside the game of politics, Karma always rules and History always repeats. 

Every Presidential campaign has the seeds of another historical campaign.  Every Democratic candidate running in 2004 thought it was Election 1992, instead it was a replay of Election 1996.

Next year's campaign is a replay of Election 1980 -- more detail in a later post. 

Now that Trump is dropping in the polls, the question becomes: What as he doing there to begin with?

Let's ride the Wayback machine to the Republican Primary 2008.

Mayor Guliani (R-NY) was forced out by a team-up by Former Governor Huckabee and Former Governor Romney.  

Here in the Southland, Rudy was loved by every GOP activist in the basin (we are Social Libertarians,  after all).  When Giuliani lost in Florida, he could not go forward.

As we get closer to 2012, Romney (and maybe Huckabee) are front runners. 

What Trump did by playing the "Birther," card was go on offense where Romney would never attack. Yes, it was offensive, but it was not being used to attack President Obama, it was a play to weaken Romney.

Weakening Romney is not that hard, he has no major defenders in the Right Blogosphere and he has shown no support for any Republicans under fire.  What Trump did was force Romney to play by new rules (which Romney cannot learn).  Now that the "RAAAAACIST," card has been played out (try it in 2012 my Democratic opponents) going on offense, to treat Obama the way Bush fils was treated is the new rule

Karma, baby

While Trump retires (he doesn't need the Apprentice anymore -- he can pass a lot of stuff over to his kids), he will come in on Giuliani's recommendation for a Government position.

In a Palin Administration.

Trump helped his Rudy, Rudy will return the favor.  New York Rules will beat the establishment every time. 

My question: Who is smarter, Rudy or Palin?   

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