Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why does Conor Friedersdorf care more about links from an Anti-semite then the Survival of the Jews?

The last time I engaged with Conor Friedersdorf, I argued policy (Support America's ally, Israel when under attack by his mentor, Andrew Sullivan), he argued about linking policy.

Now, Andrew Sullivan has attacked Israel multiple times since Memorial day.

Where is Conor Friedersdorf during this time?

His last post on the Daily beast is about attacking Mark Levin. (yeah, way to show unity before an election Conor.)

His last post on The American Scene is about Libertarians. Woo hoo! way to be brave./Sarc.

And finally at True Slant, he again argues against talk radio. (Another way to be loved by The New York Times).

Conor, if you are engaged in political Blogging, it helps to have a set of core beliefs. When I engaged you the last time, you argued about getting links, not the rightness or wrongness of your mentor's policy on Israel.

My Tribe worries about the next attacks, your mentor feeds the fire -- yet you choose to remain silent.

You supposedly have a college degree, why are you so stupid on this issue?

My fellow Jews, please note who will not stand up for us, again.

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  1. JSF,

    Since you last blogged about me, AIDS has ravaged countless communities in the Third World. In Africa alone, 280,000 children a year die of this disease.

    But have you blogged about AIDS at all? No. In fact, you haven't blogged about any diseases in so far as I can tell. Do you care nothing for those who've suffered with breast cancer, kidney disease, liver failure, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gherig's disease, and other ailments?

    For shame, sir.

    For shame.

  2. Conor,

    And yet you still do not answer the question.

    It's Ok, it requires bravery and beliefs which you don't have.


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