Sunday, June 06, 2010

State Measures, Assesor, and Central Committee Endorsements 2010

As the ONLY Conservative Republican Jewish Goth Activist (TM), I must finish discharging my duty and give the final Endorsements for the June 8th primary for California.

Let's re-cap:

Governor Endorsement: Steve Poizner;
Six State Level Executive Endorsements;
Senator: Chuck DeVore; and
Congressional Endorsements for all of Los Angeles.

And as one the few States that are run by Public Plebiscite (which is a good thing, let the people speak), here are my endorsements for the State Measures:

Proposition 13: If you own a home, Office Building, etc, that gets fitted to handle earthquakes (an issue on the Western edge of the Republic, North and South) does not allow County assessors to re-asses Property values. Both CAGOP and LAGOP say "No,". I also say "VOTE NO,"

Proposition 14: This proposition changes the way primary (and general) elections work. Instead of two parties choosing their best champion, it allows an open Primary and allows the top two vote getters (even if the same party) to challenge each other in the General. Chairman Nehring opposes this, so does the CRP and the LAGOP. This is simple for me. Primaries for the Party activists or highly active in current events, November for the General populace. It has worked this way in Presidential Elections, why should California break that precedent? VOTE NO.

Proposition 15: Public Funding for candidates? Let's put it this way, if Senator Obama couldn't abide by McCain-Feingold, why should we on the Right not follow his example? Public funding is a fools game (Senator McCain and Senator Dole in their respective elections went by the rule, and both lost). CAGOP, LAGOP and I say "HELL NO!" Plus why put Political Fundraisers out of a job?

Proposition 16: Before any city or State takes over any utilities, the populace of said city or State in California needs a 2/3rd vote in support by the local populace. CAGOP: Yes LAGOP: NO. I say "VOTE YES," The public is always right.

Proposition 17: Makes it easier for Car Insurance companies to work with their customers: CAGOP: YES, LAGOP:YES. I say "VOTE YES,"

Now onto Los Angeles County assessor. There are 13 people running for this job but only one has worked with Chairwoman Barnett and shown up to ask for votes at the SFVRC. He sticks with the principles of Howard Jarvis and will help keep taxes down on homes. I support John Lewis Dortch.

For the 43rd Republican Central Committee:
1. Jane Barnett,
2. Felicia Tweedy,
3. Kyle Tanner,
4. Lenore Solis,
5. Linda M. Sheffield
6. D. Lewis, and
7. William Saracino

And for the special Election for the 43rd State assembly seat:
Sundar Ramani (Vote twice for him -- special primary and general are both on Tuesday)

On Tuesday, I will keep track of the Los Angeles Primary vote.

Be a proud Californian, vote on Tuesday!

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