Saturday, June 05, 2010

Doctor Who - The Sontaran Experiment

Another in the series of The Fourth Doctor.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be at a Pro-Israeli Rally starring Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)(also seen will be the Great Gary Aminoff), and tomorrow night, I will Blog my final endorsements.

I am looking for a local party to watch the Primary on Tuesday Night, if not, I'll Blog the CA Primary from home (But I trust the final numbers for Wednesday Morning).

Thursday, I will be meeting with Ryan Panzerello to discuss the Southland Fundraiser -- please say a prayer that I start work not long after at the Magnolia Office. I have called in my favors; I have a few Los Angeles candidates (all endorsed earlier) that will lobby for it as well. So, again, I need your prayers and support. Changing the world is a hard task, but as my late father used to say: You start where you stand. I stand in Los Angeles ready to promote Los Angeles Republican candidates. Join us.

And now, The Sontaran Experiment. This was my first introduction to the warlike Sontarans, and this episode is intense (wait till next week). So, without further ado, a short Doctor Who episode, "The Sontaran Experiment,"

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