Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Alright

How many times do you get an email that ends in CIA.gov that asks for you to come back to writing? That happened to me today. I've been dealing with health and other issues, but I'm back!

It seems I have a few readers who do "work in the shadows," So first, thank you. I was alerted to the big news of today, since I'm on Pacific Time, I usually hear about it after. That's the next post.

Now, while I am a partisan of the Right, a guy who understands Policy, and a Jewish Goth (grooving instead of working in the dark), let me say if you need anything leaked or the public to understand something that the DC Intelligence Community cannot do, let the Valley be that safe haven.

If CNN or Time gets a story wrong, let me know. I will listen and help.

And just to show you I'm back, a tune:

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