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CNN: The not-so-trusted name in News

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We are in a Presidential Primary season (not Rabbit season, not duck season, not Elmer Fudd season either); Democrats are picking their Challenger for November, as are Republicans. In each state, the voting varies but each activist party member picks their champion.

The constant irritant by the Left is how biased Fox News is. Yes, they are biased for Republicans, how many other stations are out there for this demographic? Not CBS (Thank you Dan Rather), not PBS, or NBC, or ABC. On NBC, the head of their Sunday talk show is a former Governor Cuomo (D-NY) staffer; On ABC, their chair is a former President Clinton (D-AK) staffer. NPR does not hire the GOP staffers on the Hill (yet, they receive taxpayer money). And Keith Olbermann on MSNBC does not have debates with people who disagrees with him. He would be the first to call out secret police when the Democrats get into power. Fascism always hides among so-called populists. Don't believe me, see the example of Huey Long. But how many channels can you find Republicans? Little or none. Not even on scripted TV shows.

During the Republican primaries, CNN has proven "the Liberal Bias" is no myth. Going by the rules of the YouTube Debate last week, there were to be questions from Republicans regarding Republican issues to Republican candidates for the Republican Primary. However, it turned into Democratic questions for Republican Candidates on Democratic issues.

Anyone with Google (who co-sponsored the debate) could find out about the questioners. Strange how a channel full of so-called seasoned reporters couldn't find one Republican activist. See the examples above why that is.

During the Democratic debate, CNN placed Hillary partisans among the questioners. If I was an Obama supporter, I would start questioning CNN and force the station to listen to my candidate. I'm just saying.

Also, CNN misrepresented a Conservative organization. This occurs because they know no Conservatives or Republicans socially.

However, right now I am writing a book. One of the issues is how Republicans and Conservatives should deal with the Press. Here is my solution to last until next November:

A) Every non-Hillary political organization must threaten to boycott CNN's sponsors. Money talks.

A1) Every Republican Organization must call into Anderson Cooper's show and get the names of every Producer and Reporter. Repeat with every show on CNN.

B) Each member of these organizations calls each persons and asks a couple of questions:
a) Do you know any activist Democrats socially? (for Dems, do you know any non-Hillary supporters who work there?)
b) Do you know any activist Republicans socially?

B1) If they answer Bb, No, then offer your hand in friendship. Offer to be a source, willing to talk, etc.

C) If they refuse B1, then use every means at your disposal to find out about their family, their friends, their past. call them at home with this information. If they refuse to acknowledge a two-party system exists in the United States by friendship, than force must be used.

Conservatives and Republicans have a right to be heard on CNN; They are on our broadcast spectrum. As taxpayers, we own it too.


  1. Americanecon1:47 PM PST

    Great posting!

  2. JSF, I forget, are you for or against the fairness doctrine now? I remember you being quite against the idea of it coming back when it might take away the right's stranglehold on talk radio, yet with TV it sounds like you think it might be a good idea.

    And what exactly is stopping conservatives from starting their own networks? Methinks there isn't that much interest as it plays out better politically for you to play the oppressed victims of this big bad conspiracy against you. I'm not saying that mainstream media doesn't suck. I just think you conservatives types have a unique way of trying to spin that suckage to your advantage.

    Would you say that massive media conglomeration might be part of the problem in there being so few different viewpoints being expressed over the people's public airwaves (and the privately owned corporate domains of cable and satellite)? I would think that a choice between not having your message heard vs more government regulation should pose a bit of an ideological dilemma for you.

  3. Jason,

    It has nothing to do with the "Fairness Doctrine," When I took journalism classes, I learned about first source (actual speaker of news, orginal source), second source (Someone knew orginal said "x" and repeats, i.e. Press secratery), and third source (Someone who was knew someone involved or just a witness to a scene).

    If Fox is so illegitamete, how the hell do they find Activist Democrats to speak to and Activist Republicans? If CNN wishes to hold itself as a debate arbiter for a Republican event during a primary, isn't it time for them to find Republican sources?

    Like GQ, Details and Esquire, their reporters, producers and staff don't know any Republicans or Conservatives socially. That blindness affects their reporting (see sourcing above).

    I don't think we need the Fairness Doctrine, we need better News reporters who aren't lazy. And as you are an Obama supporter yourself, CNN is in the tank for Hillary, shouldn't CNN come clean on that as well?

  4. JSF, Like I said, I have plenty of issues with how few different viewpoints are shown in the mass media and I put the blame on media consolidation. It's time to bust up some of these monopolies and re-regulate ownership rules for media outlets. It's clear that something has to change. Would you like to see this problem fixed, or is it better politically for your side to keep painting themselves as unfairly oppressed underdogs when the real victims here are the general public of all political persuasions?

  5. Jason,

    Re-regulation is not the key if the content is from people who think the same. When reporters started out from copy boy positions and moved up, they had a world's worth of experience compared to the current Ivy's who look polished but don't know a damn thing about life.

    The key is not regulation, but about appropriation. Reporters should be appropriated from all walks of life. Right and Left. Blue collar and white collar. The current newsrooms don't have that.

  6. OK JSF, so where are all of these conservative reporters? Are there conservatives who want to be reporters who can't get jobs? Should there be hiring quotas? Perhaps there should be some kind of new affirmative action program to level the playing field for these masses of overlooked conservatives who are itching to get into the journalism game. Or perhaps all of you want to see conservatives on TV but not a whole lot of you actually want to do the job. That's what I'm betting on. Maybe the conservative think tanks should put some money toward journalism scholarships.

  7. Jason,

    There are platforms for good journalistic reporters to be hired. From the top-down, there are three magazines, Weekly Standard, American Conservative and National Review.

    There are orginizations that offer Conservative jounalists scholarships such as The Leadership Institute and the Media Research Center.

    During Bush's tenure, Michael isikoff wrote a book with a writer from the nation magazine. I haven't seen any books co-written with any writer of National Review and Newsweek.

    When everybody thinks the same, why would they do any actual research and expand upon their knowledge?

  8. Wow, I forgot about this thread! JSF, I think what I'm trying to get at is whether or not there are any significant number of qualified conservative journalists who are being passed over for these jobs. My hypothesis is that conservative journalists aren't exactly clamoring to work in the supposedly liberal mainstream media. And if they were being passed over for these jobs, don't you think the right side of the blogosphere (not to mention O'Reilly and his ilk) would be up in arms with actual stories to support the usually baseless claims of being oppressed by the big bad liberal establishment? Sometimes a situation just is what it is without any nefarious machinations working in the background.


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