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3,143 Counties, 3 Large States, and 64 Squares: Reform, Restructure and Ressurection

To:  Mrs. Dhillon, Vice Chair, CRP; Mr. Steel, National Committeeeman and Mr. Priebus, RNC Chair;  
CC: Chairman Vafiades, RPLAC; Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit; Robert McCain, The Other McCain, Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, Gary Aminoff, and Lilian Cavalieri, iPrecinct CEO

BCC: Karv and Todd (My mentors from the Hill)

RE: Reform, Restructure and Resurrection

The Stakes We Play For Every Election

As someone who studies History, I wonder why Our Republican Establishment ignores it;
As someone who has been in and out of Politics since I was 15, I see Our Republican Establishment have forgot  strategies to win, not just in Presidential years, but every year.

And Our Republican Establishment forgets we are in a Two Front War, not just against the Democrats, but their Media Sympathizers.

There are Three Large States to get to 270: 
The GOP only owns TX (38 EV + 36 Congressional Seats);

The Democrats own Two of the Three:
New York (29 EV + 27 Congressional Seats); and 
California (55 EV + 53 Congressional Seats).

Can anyone play this game?  

As of June 26th, 2013, The Democrats are going for a triple play and are working on getting a "Blue Texas,"  Thus, we have the GOP's ONLY big state on defense.

Do you want to change the odds? 
Does the RNC, NRSC and NRCC to have a great ROI come Election Time? Every time?

I can play this game, so follow me.

1: Red Kings vs. Blue Knights: Policy Making And Optics

We Need to Fight the Barbarians (The Media) or Rome is Lost

Sometimes, we have to silence the Dragon.

The GOP has many different philosophies and regions. 

When the RNC came to Hollywood and Highland and then fell back when the Social Conservatives threatened to withhold funding, you just lost 55 EV's. 


Now, as we gear up for 2014, the Social Conservatives are leading Abortion Battles around the Country.  Yay for them, but it is killing any chance of opening the Franchise.  


If you are fighting a Two Front War, you don't invade Russia at the end of Fall.  These Abortion Battles play into the Media's hands just as they turned two Moderate POTUS candidates (McCain and Romney) into wild eyed SOCIAL Conservatives.  

The RINO's and Moderates cannot make friends in the MSM, they must make friends among the "Local Yokels" and the Right Bloggers-Fox-Talk Radio AlliesThe lesson's of McCain/Romney should be heard. It should be crystal clear that we cannot trust the Washington/New York Media Establishment.  

If you still do, your name is Michael Murphy or David Frum.

Right now, the Social Conservatives, RINO's and Moderates all need to focus on winning MORE states first before eating the rest of the Pie.

And to win Policy battles, State and National figures must play another dimension of Chess:

How Every Policy Maker in the GOP Should Play. D's + Media v. GOP

How will the Media spin it?

2. 64 Squares, Bishops, Knights and Rooks: The Practical Tools we Already Have

Out of Three Big States, we can defend one (TX);

One is far beyond our calling despite the joke their State Democratic Party has become. Why? 

The NYGOP could not stop Senator Clinton.  A big state and no actual candidates to run against Goliath? In the largest Media Market in the world, why can't the NYGOP write a Narrative to win?

Because they have none.

If the NYGOP wants to get in the game, they need to tell the rest of the country which cities (and counties) are winnable and why.  Until then, the RNC, NRSC and the NRCC should back the THIRD Big State:


You don't need to fight everywhere. 

 Fund the Los Angeles County Republican Party; Fund the 17 GOP Assembly District Committees and Fund every candidate in every city in the Southland. 

Los Angeles flips, so does California. And that is now TWO Large States.  

What tools do we have to win?

First, every Election Committee should use iPrecinct -- thus the day to day groundwork will get done. Speak to my friend Lillian if you want to win.  (And this goes to every State and County Party too! Use this tool!)

Second, Bloggers can battle the Narrative used by the Media and the Democrats. If you wish to fight an Election Campaign or Policy Battle, I have the Blogger scars (as do most of my Blogger friends) to prove it.; And 


Now, to conclude:

3. Winning the Endgame

There is no excuse why our Executive Members are not building a short, medium, and long term strategy plans.  The best plan ahead but allow room for improvisation. They should carry a Chess board everywhere they fly. Think Blade Runner.

We are fighting a Two Front War and what has the RNC done to help the troops on the 'Net or on the Ground?

If we refuse to fight and win the Two Front War, shut down our offices on First Street, SE and call ourselves "Whigs,"  

I expect better from our Chairs and Establishment Republicans.
I expect better from the Social Conservatives in other states.

Also, we cannot have Reagan's Eleventh Commandment broken by Consultants. They must sign a Loyalty Oath that lasts 20 years for each campaign (again, Frum and Murphy still rankle).

Governor Palin should not have been Media Raped by Andrew Sullivan and others. Where was Romney?

If the Establishment Republicans fire on our own people, we in the States and in the Right Blogosphere should have every Right to take over all Four Floors of the RNC/NRCC until attitudes change.

Do not doubt us.  

If you want to win in 2014 and beyond, we are fighting here in Los Angeles: Join us. 

My question:  How can the GOP win in the Two Front War?

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