Monday, July 08, 2013

July 2013 Tip Jar and a Gothy Muse (Comic book Style)

I dropped away from the Valley because I had a small adventure.

Yes, this is LA, we occasionally get some of those.  Instead of living an action-adventure or a spy movie, I got to live out a Slipstream film.  Not recommended for the feint of heart or closed minded.

Now then, I am belatedly asking for help with this month for the Tip Jar.

I have been working off-stage to come up with ideas here in Los Angeles (and by default, give the GOP, California. These ideas will be given memo form this week).  Also, I will be working on Blog posts for the RNC, CAGOP and RPLAC.  No one is immune (then again, neither am I) from criticism.

So, any help on the Tip Jar is always welcome.

This month's Gothy Muse is Vampirella; The comic book version of Vampira.

Thank Frank Franzetta  for the original concept art.

And please hit the Tip Jar!


The Original Comic

Modern Version done by Alex Ross

40th Anniversary Art

The 1996 Movie Starring Talisa Solo and Daltrey!

....vs. Dracula! 

Barbara Leigh, the original Stand in

Thanks for staying and reading. 

Thank you!

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