Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What #Benghazi Begat: Post Egypt Coup Edition

Here is why we on the Right don't trust the Partisans of the Left and their friends in National Media.

There have only been 8 Ambassadorial Deaths in America's 237 years; None died under fire during the Administrations of  President Reagan to President George W. Bush. The first time an Ambassador died under fire since 1979 was under President Obama.


 Ambassador Stephens died a horrible death while President Obama was campaigning in Las Vegas.  During that time, the NSA and other Federal organizations were used against Tea Party ground level groups and  other Political Opponents. 

President Obama is like Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit; Adventuring but not seeing the end effects of his actions.

What Benghazi Birthed Domestically

After Benghazi, the Boston Bombers had no problems pulling of the first half of their plan.


Re-read the last sentence of the second paragraph:

During that time, the NSA and other Federal organizations were used against Tea Party ground level groups and  other Political Opponents.

This was 2012, but if the Democratic Partisans knew these tools were being used, after protesting hard against them in the last Administration (and voting against using such tools under President Nixon), then we on the Right have to come to grips with this:

Democrats will never clean their own House EVER;

For all the feinting couches today, all Democrats had to do, if they stood on principle, was to Primary President Obama.

No, two Democratic handmaidens in the Media are perfect examples why Democrats are not to be trusted with foreign policy.

Taylor Marsh is a linebacker for Former Secretary of State's Hillary Clinton Presidential plans. If there is misogyny against Republican Electeds at the Moderate Voice or by others, she is silent. Ambassador Stevens had to die so SoS Clinton can win in 2016 according to Taylor Marsh (Read between the lines, that's her "dog whistle")..

Charlie Pierce is simple: He is a guy who would support Whitey Bulger to keep Democrats in Power in MA; and honest people like DaTechGuy away from MA politics, like the early WASP's did with Irishmen..  Benghazi is a joke to him.  

Just like the way Bilbo "won," the riddle game against Gollum, President Obama "won" the 2012 election.

Now we see how our foreign policy has fallen backwards in time.

The Fire: How Benghazi Birthed Smaug in the Arab World and Beyond

When a sub-contractor of the NSA exposes information about the US Government spying on its own people and runs to Hong Kong, the Democrats have lost the High Ground;

When President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood strengthen their hold onto power and backed by President Obama (who was quiet over the Iranian protesters in his First Term); And none of his foreign policy team can be found when the Army takes over;

And of course with the sub-contracter running to Putin's Russia. Any deal that Putin makes to benefit the US means Obama owes Putin. That's how Politics works from your Dogcatcher to Foreign Policy.

These are not actions of competent people, no matter where their degrees are from. I take Wm. Buckley's term about who should run this country and the elites of the Democrats have failed.

Here is how Bilbo angered Smaug, just like President Obama angered the world:

Does President Obama know how to ride a dragon?

My question: At what point can we say the Democrats have failed to win Peace Overseas?

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