Monday, April 01, 2013

April 2013 Tip Jar and another Gothy Muse

I have been dealing with some side issues out of the Valley, but I think I'm ready to get back.  That tale will be told later this month, a tale of miscommunication and propaganda during the quadrennial year.  If you read the Valley (or friend or family IRL then you should be able to see through it, even as I write it [sometimes]), Real Life does invade the Cyberspace

Apologies and Seppukku on my end.

Now, it is the beginning of the month, so, let me post a picture of another beautiful Gothy Muse, Kat Dennings.

How is she Goth? Before she was famous, she was Gothy in style (and in her Blog).

Here is a tweet that confirms:

So, before the pics, please hit my Tip Jar (or go here ---->)


Now, the beautiful and (Jewish) Gothy Kat Dennings (Thus proving I am not the only active Jewish Goth out there....)

Dressed for Dancing in the Dark

At the Thor Premiere
Stunning in a Leopard Dress

Charming in a simple Black dress

Gothy, in a simple T 

Follow her show, 2 Broke Girls

For the lovely Ms. Dennings Twitter Feed, Blog and show.   
OK, I owe much writing for the 1st quarter of this year....

Please hit the Tip jar and please follow the Valley! 


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