Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Democrats Memes Still Lay On Boyleston Street

When you follow the news, sometimes its the unexpected that sucks the air out of a room.

At the end of the Boston Marathon, a few Democratic Memes seemed to have fallen, making President Obama second term slowly inching towards a Nixonian (or President Carter) morass.

The Culture Changes, so does the Meme.
 Here are the Democratic Memes that changed After Boston:

A) Before Boston....Benghazi means nothing; The War on Terror is Over
After Boston....The Brothers went after America because of the continuing wars;

B) Before Boston...the new Immigration bill will make things better,
After Boston...If we brought the bombers in under the same circumstance, how many others will do the same? The Immigration Bill now comes to a halt;

C) Before Boston...the Gun issue was the Main issue of the Obama Administration;
After Boston....the Senate couldn't pass a Bill with the President's support.

But there are some lingering questions:

Did the President read his PDB before the Boston Bombing? 

The Democrats never stood by President George W. Bush during the Iraq re-building, hence the doubt over President Obma's foreign policy meme;

Have the Democrats ever thought of the consequences of some issues (and tactics) they use? 

And finally,

After its proven the Memes are false, why do they continue to ride with it? 

My question: Why should anyone trust the Democrats Propaganda?

2:41AM (Note: Links added later today)

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