Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The RNC Spring Convention is in Hollywood and the Valley needs YOU!

Guess who is re-activating the Valley News network?

The Republican National Committee is coming to town and I will be there to help, watch and record (and interview) different members during this Spring Meeting.  And the Spring meeting is only blocks away from Bar Sinister. 

The Rules that the Romney people made at the Republican Convention last year? They are under fire.  It is time for the Local Activists to take back the RNC.

Go local Parties!

To do this, I need to raise a little bit of funds for lunch (maybe dinner) and parking (It's Hollywood, no cheap or easy parking in the area. I had the tickets to prove it) only (its local, no need to stay at the Hotel). 

Please help the Valley raise $400 for this week.  

Hit the Tip jar. 

Thanks to all. 

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  1. Hey Joe, you know I don't come around here much because, frankly, this shit makes me angry. But I got a Google+ email saying that you had updates for me. So you can blame google for this one!

    So anyway, I'll tell you what... I'll throw a few bucks in the tip jar if you promise to punch John Boner in the dick for me when you're there.

    (I really tried not to curse. Couldn't do it! Sorry.)

    And now let the sanctimonious comments about the big bad angry violent yadda yadda left begin!


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