Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Best Posts of 2012

OK, we are almost ready to tackle 2013 (joke).

Last year, my group of Goths lost our "Second Home," and I studied my disease a little more.  Oh, and there was a Presidential campaign.  But this Presidential campaign screwed our locals (RPLAC and CAGOP) financially and in other ways.  Not cool. 

So, this is the "Best of," for an ehhhhhh year. 

And some music to begin:

Now, the Best of 2012 (Valley Posts)! (** I will be going from Jan - Dec 2012 semi-Chronologically since there were many posts)

15. Predictive post: The Establishmenterian War

14.  They should have listened: The Don Surber Rule for Election 2012

13.  More "They should have listened!": Romney's Mistakes in the Southland

12.  The IOKIYAD Posts: 1 (Presidential Enemies lists, Drones and Misogyny) and 2 (Democrats = Orwell's INGSOC)

11. KPFK and Anti-semitism (continuing story in the Valley): 1 (Dog Whistles by Ian Masters), 2 (Again, Ian Masters) and 3 (Why is The Jewish Journal scared of RPLAC and not KPFK?)

10. Paulbots, Paul Supporters and the Libertarian movement within the GOP: 1 (Paul Uber Allies [and attacking Jews] by Paulbots), and 2 (The Libertarian movement should not depend on One Old Man and His Son.) 

9: Breaking Democratic Party Mythos: 1 (Democrats are NOT the Party of Youth or non-Ivies), 2 (Stopping the Zombie Apocalypse with Voter ID's), and 3(Democrats are not comfortable being among the "people,")

8.More Democratic party Mythos: 1 (No Truth to Power by Media when Democrats are in office), 2 (Democrats and the "Nixon Mistake,") and 3 (Winning a Pyrrhic Victory)

7. Build a Political Coalition! Follow the Jews! (who have strength in BOTH Parties) and how Gay Rights supporters can make friends with the GOP.  [Coalitions win Elections and Legislation!]

6. Senator Harry Reid is really....a Lovecraftian Creature?  And the Alternate History of the Obama Administration (with a course in Negotiation).

5. SCOTUS and Health Care: 1 (Prepping the battle space) and 2 (CJ Roberts allows the Public to fight it out)

4. The Dancers in the Dark posts: 1 (Building a Political Coalition), 2 (Supporting Club Monte Cristo), 3 (Missing my friend Janeen), and 4 (Pictures of Happy Goths)

3. Those who work in the Dark: 1 (Where was the backup?), 2 (Missing in the Sinai)  3 (CIA as Whipping Post among Democrats) and 4 (How Obama's Foreign Policy Failed).

2. Speaker Boehner followed this post: Sun Tzu and the Fiscal Cliff.  

1. The most Newsworthy post in the Valley in 2012 (that is still in discussion today in LA):

I have a couple of posts about last year that still needs to be written. 

However, 2013 in the Valley begins NOW!

My question: What are your favorite posts?

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