Thursday, January 03, 2013

January 2013 Tip Jar (And Gothy Muse!)

I hope all you're hangovers have gone away. 

But it is that time in the Valley.

Please donate.  

I am trying to raise $500 this month, so please hit the Tip Jar.

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And as always, you are not here for my banter and wit at the beginning of the month, but for the beautiful Goth Muse who highlight these pages in Cyberspace.  I would tell you visit the Goth clubs I go to, you will see many Gothic beauties dancing in the Dark, but here in the light of the computer screen, I give you:


Elana Vladi, creator of the band, Demona Mortiss!


She came from Russia and moved to Hollywood. Now, she is She is building up her Metal Band,  Demona Mortiss (help them here).


 First, some music from Demona Mortiss! 

Now, Elena Vladi! 

See Demona Mortiss at the famous Whisky 
Tattooed and Beautiful
On Stage
Locally Known, soon to be known throughout the World

Please hit the Tip jar.

And follow Demona Mortiss! 

They will be in your town soon!

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