Monday, January 21, 2013

President Obama's Day

Today is President Obama's inauguration -- I will not criticize until tomorrow.

Every President, Republican or Democrat, deserves his or her day.  

As a tribute, I will talk of three policies I like from the current Administration and three policies from the last Administration I support.

Why do I do this?

The answer will show up in the next post.

Now then, my favorite President Obama policies:

President Obama at LAX in 2009
1) Ratified three Trade Agreements (Colombia, Panama and South Korea);
2) Made sure that there was Funding and Support for the Intelligence Agencies after OBL; and
3) Repealed "DADT"

Now, MY favorite President, President George W. Bush:

Leaving Nevada

Here are my favorite policies:

A) Supporting Wilsonianism (and Israel) Overseas;
C)  The Unemployment rate under President Bush was never more then 6.5%! (See chart below)

OK, see you in the Blogosphere tomorrow!

My question: What did I do here?

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