Thursday, April 24, 2008

Remember the Armenians!

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How did Hitler get his inspiration for the Genocide of my people, the Jews?

At the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, the Young Turks deported and killed Armenians throughout Turkey. They did it for the same reason for the same reasons that the Pharaoh's in Egypt enslaved the Jews: Even though we lived within the borders, we were not considered "true" Egyptians. The Young Turks tried to eradicate the Armenians for the same reasons.

I am happy to say the Young Turks failed.

Every April 24th is Armenian Remembrance Day. Since I was in High School I have had an interest in the Armenians and the return of their most sacred place, Mount Ararat.

Since I have always known Armenians (and occasionally they have been my muses), this is my way of saying, "I remember and I will not forget,"

This post is for Margarit, who is helping me with my fiction book and Talar, who was my Muse.

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  1. For some serious heavy Armenian-American musical flavor, check out System of a Down. It's good stuff, and I know they discuss the genocide in at least a song or two.

  2. I feel bad for the Armenians and I agree they need to be remembered. After all they simply wanted their country back. Hitler's attempt to genocide our people though is not inspired merely by this tragic chapter in history. Ever since Biblical times there have been those that would destroy us. I've heard it said by a number of rabbis "There are those in every generation that rise up to destroy us." I think that's half a quote from somewhere in Torah. The desire to destroy the Jews is as old as the nation itself. Now days of course Jews are doing this to themselves with the rise of "secular Jews" and intermarriages. Many things inspire these people of course, Armenia may have played a role but I'm not sure I'd say that's the sole inspiration. I think people go after other people for a lot of reasons. I guess I could do a post on this issue myself but I know it is more personal to you. Shalom Motek :)

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM PDT

    Interesing post, JSF!!

  4. We have a duty to remember the Armenians and other victims of persecution.

    If we forget then that permits indifference and evil to triumph over good.


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