Monday, April 21, 2008

Living within the Pathos

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It's been a long three weeks -- Was I missed? Like Richard III, I am still dealing with my "Winter of my discontent," However, this winter started five years ago with my father's death, and only now am I dealing with some internal issues I've never had a chance to focus on.

Is it hard? Yes. But Pathos is not the seat of Logic or Reason, but emotion. In the Land of pathos I entered, empty, but now I travel with a new car (2007 Kia Spectra, thank you Glendale Kia). Also in the Land of pathos, my reason for going to Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend has been abandoned. The only thing I can say, is that I wish good Blessings on my sister and her former fiancee. They are both good people.

During the time in the Land of Pathos, I caught this video on You Tube:

The concept of helping someone "Achieve their dreams, " is important to me. I would like to be able to do that for my friends and family. Hopefully, I will someday be able to do that. Just the concept of "head fake," scares me. I don't like spinning my wheels for a lost cause. Also, I would like the help towards my own dreams.

I want to thank everyone who called or emailed during these three weeks. There is still more work to do. I am still in the Land of Pathos, but within eyesight of the border crossing.

The first step to returning was coming back to the Valley. The next step will be to return to my books.

New posts are ahead. Thank you for reading and visiting the Valley.

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  1. JSF, a wise man once said...

    Welcome back,
    Your dreams were your ticket out.

    Welcome back,
    To that same old place that you laughed about.

  2. My dear, we all go through pathos at various times. I've been stuck in it for quite a while and don't see the border anywhere. I am so glad you finally see a border. I've been honored to know you all these years, privileged to love you, and blessed to be loved by you. Remember that bond will survive pathos and a lot of other places. I will carefully guide you out as best I can and wait to find you wherever I can. You after all are one of my darlings, in fact the favorite. Welcome back to the borderlands, may your stay be temporary and may you enjoy it. Maybe someday I will join you on the outside.


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