Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News! Senator Clinton leaving campaign before PA!

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I got this through a source back in Queens. This article will be published on Thursday by the Queens Tribune, and submitted to the Assosciated Press:

April 3, 2008. Harold Ickes will announce tomorrow that Senator Clinton (D-Chappaqua) will leave the race because of efforts of Gov. Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee, and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Brooklyn).

"We are trying to unify the party any way we can," said Governor Dean, "I am happy that Senator Clinton took the first step," After a lifetime in Politics, many question what Senator Clinton's next step will be. Will she try to run for Governor? Or is she angling for a position in a future Senator Obama (D-IL) administration?

Senator Schumer said, "Whatever she wants to do, New York City and State is available to her and her husband,"

There are others who are not so forgiving. Lloyd Chavis, of Forest Hills, an African-American, says, "Senator Clinton always tried to put us on the back of the bus. First she didn't support [State Comptroller Carl] McCall, then she didn't support [Mayor Wellington Webb of Denver, Colorado] for head of the Democrats. This is the first thing she has done for us since she became a Senator,"

The Tribune was unable to get any statement from the Senator Obama or McCain campaigns at this time.

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