Friday, January 24, 2014

Does RPLAC Stand Together and Fight? Or Shall the Democrats take the Ring?

I was going to put together a campaign this season, but I had to cancel those plans because of a breakdown between the Two Groups within RPLAC:

1) The Liberty Caucus -- Ron Paul Supporters; Paulbots, Conspiracy theorists and Paleoconservatives. These are Idealists; and

2) The Reagan Caucus -- Most of the RPLAC Leadership and many of us who have spent years in the trenches fighting battles within our own party and the Democrats.  The Reagan Caucus is working with the Real Tea Partiers across the Southland, the San Fernando Tea party and the Beverly Hills Tea party to name two. These are Pragmatists.

The Liberty Caucus is made up of people who will follow the words of Former Rep. Ron Paul over the leadership of any other Republican. Many of them refused to vote for the Republican Presidential candidate in 08 and 12, because Rep. Paul did not win the primary (I've had many conversations on FB with such people).  They espouse a Fortress America standpoint and almost hatred of working with foreign allies; The Liberty Caucus would rather strike at Republicans first (as Ron Paul did against Reagan in 1986) then work with them.  Cue Cult of Personality by Living Color.

Even Social Conservatives know the value of alliances.  Not the Liberty Caucus. 

Secondly, the Reagan Caucus are made of people who worked with many coalitions and are trying to bring Los Angeles back to Republican hands.

Instead of a Fellowship to destroy the Democrats, RPLAC is in a Civil War.

How did we get here?

I. Promises, promises

Before the re-structuring meeting, the Liberty Caucus promised Future Chairman Vafiadesthat they would work together to form a United Caucus.  After having Three Liberty Caucus members on the board (unopposed), the Liberty caucus reneged and worked on adding a Fourth (Arturo Alas) during the same meeting.

In politics and policy either you have your word or you don't.  This first moment defined the Liberty Caucus -- willing to renege if it suits their purposes.  Boromir did the same thing to the Fellowship when he chose the Ring over the goal.

The Reagan Caucus was not amused. The Unity Caucus was dead.

II.  Breaking the Fellowship, meeting by meeting

There have been many meetings where it breaks down into chaos because a Liberty caucus member will not follow the ruling of the chair; 

There have been many meetings where the Liberty Caucus would rather go to war with Republicans then build a coalition to defeat Democrats;

There have been many meetings where the Liberty caucus refuses to understand protocols.

Each time, it leads RPLAC away from being able to help candidates and makes it harder to gain ground during this election cycle.
The Three Hunters, lost in Middle earth or post-election 2014 if the Liberty Caucus continues

 And this past week, Stan McClain (Liberty Caucus) sent out an email to every RPLAC member attacking Chairman Vafiades (Reagan Caucus).  This is not the way to build a coalition. Where is the give from the Liberty Caucus?

The Goal of the Reagan Caucus within RPLAC is to win more seats for Republicans from the Valleys to the Ocean.

The goal of the Liberty Caucus is to frustrate the Reagan Caucus and RPLAC from doing its job.  Rather then work with Gandalf, Saruman looked out for himself.

The Liberty Caucus wants Isengard and the Shire; I want to win Los Angeles.  

III. Sending the Eagles to Mordor 

By rights, I should be in the Liberty camp. I am a small-"l" Libertarian (see "Commerce, democracy and Rock & Roll,) but their attacks on neo-cons, Israel and a false belief in a Fortress America scares me from their camp. (Heck, Reagan was a neo-con!) 

Liberty to choose means freedom to be who you are.  If the current Libertarians weren't part of a cult of personality, again, I might have joined them.

And because a local Liberty group cannot work with the 50th GOP Assembly District committee, I cannot run until that bridge is fixed. Their is too much infighting not enough pointing our sticks at Democrats,  Oy!

My message to County and State parties:

Your Liberty Caucuses cannot be trusted.  They work for the Paul's not the GOP.  It is time for Chairman Priebus to have a meeting with both Paul's and discuss what the words Loyalty, Trust and Alliances  MEANS because Liberty Caucuses within the GOP have none of these qualities. 

We can win against the Democrats if we are UNITED!

And what can be done fix RPLAC?

I suggest a meeting between the head of the Liberty Caucus and Chairman Vafidates at the CRP offices in Burbank with the CRP and RNC consul there (Might I add Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon?).  

Work out a deal.  If the Liberty Caucus reneges (again), RPLAC can rid themselves of a disloyal group. 

But as I've been told many times, Social Conservatives make deals, Paul Supporters care nothing for alliances.

Liberty Caucus, prove me wrong. (And someone tell Jose Aguilar that there are no Neo-Cons under his bed! They are members within RPLAC!)

My question: Why do the Paul supporters work to undermine Republicans, not Democrats?


  1. I'll tell you exactly what the issue is. The Republican Party has been split into two camps. On one side you have the Constitutionalists, on the other, Evangelicals. The Republican Party will not win any more elections on anti abortion legislation. It's just not a fight that can be won. If people want conservative views in State and National office we have to start talking about wallets and stop trying to legislate morality.

  2. To say Chairman Vafiades is of the "The Reagan Caucus" is a joke within itself. ask any people from the Liberty caucus if the Chairman has tried to work with them you will get a No from all of them. Ask the board if the chairman has tried to work with them you will get a No from five of the seven members.


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