Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Movie Night -- Screamers (1995)

Since I am back (and before I attack the Left, as is my wont, I am trying to fix  Republicans at all levels first), it's time to enjoy a movie. 

War without end, Peter Weller and machines taking over the planet.  Formerly a Phillip K. Dick story, now Screamers!

Why this film?

As I mentioned, if RPLAC cannot get together, things will fall apart.  And if you're looking countrywide, there is a Tiberius like attack on Right activistsPragmatic Partisans will get the connection; Ideologues will not.  

Screamers  is where society will land unless alliences are formed .  More on this during the week.

First a tune....

Now, the wasteland:

Next post, I deal with the changes at the RNC Winter Meeting. 

Stay tuned!

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