Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family (And Soon to be Family) Celebrations!

More important then Politics is family. 

First, let me congratulate my Sister on her engagement. I am very proud that she met a nice guy and great musician.  How great?

My future brother in law just won a Grammy today.  He is with the Ben Harper Band and he considers my sister his Muse. (That's awesome!).

First, let's watch Ben Harper's band play (with the great Bluesman Charlie Musselwhite):

(As soon as the Video of Ben Harper winning the pre-show becomes available, I'll put it in - until then, here is another great song by Harper and Musselwhite)

Here is the album, Get up! on iTunes.  Pick it up. 

Congrats to my sister, her fiance, and Ben Harper!

Cheers from the Valley!

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