Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Does the CIA Allow Itself to be the Whipping Post of the Obama Administration?

I trust Our Men and Women in the Outer Dark.

But it seems when a Democratic President comes into office, the Intelligence Agencies set themselves up for abuse and attacks.

Case in Point: For six months, the FBI had information General Petreaus on a personal, yet nasty, soap opera.  And right before Petreaus was about to go to Capitol Hill during a news day (between Tuesday and Thursday), he was fired from the CIA.  Between the attack on Benghazi on 9/11/12 and his planned trip to Capitol Hill, Petreaus investigated for himself.

Then comes the soap opera charges, then he gets fired.

I don't care who slept with whom or wrote nasty letters, it's not what I noticed.

Since the Church Committee, the Left has held the CIA and the Other Intelligence Agencies as the "enemy," not as "silent heroes," And yet, when the Democrats start the attacks, the Agencies don't counterattack.

An Ambassador (the 8th in American History, the 6th not by a plane crash) died protecting CIA Assets and the Administration has not done any counterattacks to show support for the people lost.


The SMS Panther; Protecting the Kaiser's People in North Africa

Every modern President since Nixon, always responded to threats to Americans with a counter attack.  Even Ford. Carter and Clinton failed, but Obama did not even try.

The Democrats and the Obama Administration has left the Intelligence Men and Women out to dry.  I wonder if the Men and Women of the Outer Dark are willing to put up with Obama's attitude of taking the glory and attacking the missions. 

If I was in charge of the Intelligence Agencies (or more specific, the CIA), here is how I would respond:

1) Destroy the Chicago Democratic Machine before 2016;

2) Help NYC, NJ and CT get back on its feet and help the survivors find the GOP;

3) Battle the Democratic corruption in Philadelphia;

4) Stop the Crime in the Gateway Cities and East LA, disrupt the allience between the gangs and the Los Angeles Democrats; and

5) Destroy the Alliance between the MSM and the Democrats -- even the Electoral Board;

6) Frustrate the Administration by being involved in all the Federal Agencies; and

7) Take back your Honor.

My question: Why do Our Spies put up with Abuse and worse from the Obama Administration?

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