Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post Game Analysis of Election 2012: Welcome to the Status Quo

h/t Washington Post for Map

Tonight feels like a literary between-the-wars kind of night.  A European night where one can hear the Radio say "The Lights are going out over America; No one knows when they will turn on again,"

Now that I've licked my wounds (somewhat), time for my take on the past Electoral Tale. First let me say, I apologize. My predictions were wrong.

Here is what I noticed:

1) There is a "Blue" wall: The Northeast, Upper Mid-West past IL and Far West -- this can be beaten (FIGHT IN LOS ANGELES! FIGHT IN LOS ANGELES! -- can you hear me now?);

2) The Tarkin Doctrine was in full swing by the Democrats and the Media. We on the Right must understand the future battlegrounds lie not only on the ground or in the air, but against the Media too. And we must destroy the use of the Tarkin Doctrine by the Left.

3) Sometimes the SoCons are wrong and must be asked to leave the Electoral Realm (I'm looking at you Akin and Mourdock!); Is 55 Electoral votes worth it for the SoCons?

4) Never have a POTUS candidate who does not rise through the Party Ranks. Period!

5) The GOP should stand for Freedom for Everybody! The details can be worked out in local policy shops in every county, but the endgame should be is that the GOP stands for every American! ( #3 drowns out that message).

6) State and National Parties and campaigns should hire Bloggers to communicate (Why don't RS McCain, DaTechGuy and Pamela Geller not have an office on First Street in DC?); And also, Republican converts to be their communicators because they know the Democratic arguments (Tarkin Doctrine, anyone?)

7) Forget about new systems and Ivy league Consultants, Old fashioned helping people at the ground level always works.  If the NYGOP, CTGOP and NJGOP had done that, well, the Election would have changed. 

I am prepping an idea for Bloggers to come to Los Angeles in January - March to help plan re-structuring of the GOP from bottom to top. Stay tuned. RS and Gary, I will have the proposal by next week.

My question: Which of the 7 can you work on?

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