Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Southland Republican Looks at the Romney Campaign

The Goth Republican (JSF) not the Punk Republican (PJ)

(Or how the Romney campaign effed up the Southland Campaigns)

I speak up against my Party twice during an Election year (I am much more comfortable working on the Governing side) -- The Primaries and the After-election.  Primaries are over, and now its time for me to speak up at the follies and faults of our Top of the Ticket.

As a "local Yokel," on the ground, the problems for Romney were seen kilometers away.  G-d Bless LA's beautiful weather or I would go crazy with the stupidity on Top.

Let's begin with this post....

I gave the choice in that post for Romney to play Reagan or Dukakis; By his hiring practices, he became Dukakis within the Republican Party. 

Why hire staff from a losing campaign that threw away an easy Gubernatorial campaign? Because you are friends?

The Maya Bukis of the GOP have no experience of knowing what's going on "on the ground," or what "the people" of the District think of the candidate.  MEG WHITMAN LOST.  SHE LOST LOS ANGELES and you hire her staff?!?!? 

Methinks I'm not the stupid one here.

The Establishment Republicans (i.e. the Country Club Republicans from the Sprawl) went along with major media (i.e. the MSM) on pushing for a(nother) Moderate Republican for the Top of the Ticket.  While Romney was buying Primaries, the Establishment Republicans like Frum and Hewitt kept pushing for Romney (and yes, Hewitt is an Establishment Republican)

When the General Election came, where were these Establishment Country Clubbers?

 Letting the "Local Yokels," fight! 

This link shows how to fight against the Establishment and Country Club Republicans. 

No communication between the Romney office in Boston and the Ground Forces run by the "Local Yokels," 

If you know history, Democrats are known for their cheating:

  1. 1960 IL  POTUS Campaign (Historic)
  2.  1992 IL Sen Campaign 
  3. 1996 POTUS Campaign
  4. 2000 NY Sen Campaign
  5. 2004 WA Gov campaign
  6. 2008 MN Sen campaign
  7. 2012 FL House Campaign

And then came Sandy!  How much voter info was lost under the Tides in the North east.?

Let's also not forget I tried calling the Romney campaign multiple times in the summer and relieved no reply. As a Blogger who is on the Right, that is a problem.  MSNBC will not support any GOP candidate, no matter how Moderate (i.e. Paul Ryan).

You cannot have "Smart," people running your campaign without having experienced people to help guide them on what works.

By not investing with the CAGOP or RPLAC (or even throw some fiscal supporters to Prop 32), you killed California. No Establishment Republicans gave funds because you were angry with Meg Whitman losing.

Here's a hint: Meg Whitman would never win -- she bought the Primary from Steve Poizner. (and had Mike Murphy betray his client) But her Major Mistake was that she never, never, never took hard questions from Primary Voters in Los Angeles (Thanks Maya Buki!).   

Poizner had most of the Ground Forces because he did his job of showing up!

Governor Romney, all you did was turn California into an ATM (without an ROI) -- here's a hint: Don't rule out anywhere for votes! And with a decades worth of financing, Los Angeles can crack the state Red.

Governor Romney, you allowed the Obama campaign to define you and Ryan.  

We on the Right must learn how to defeat the Tarkin Doctrine Talking Points by the Left and Media.

Mr. Romney, please leave the stage NOW.

My question: How did Romney lose your state?


  1. I think there are several problems with your analysis JSF. First of all, Romney did not lose because he was a country club moderate...he actually closed ground on Obama when he pivoted to the middle of the political spectrum in the first debate. The problem is not moderation..the problem was in the tone of the Republican primaries and how screamingly socially conservative they were. Because of that tone, the Republican ticket lost 90% of the "Black" vote, 70% of the "Hispanic" vote and over 50% of the "Women's" vote.

    To put it bluntly, the Republicans lost an election they could have easily won if they had stopped pandering to the Right wing of the Party. If the Republican Party does not change it's rhetoric on Gay rights, Reproductive Rights, Immigration reform and stop its idiotic adherence to "trickle down" economic theory it will become a truly minority party nationwide.

    The Republicans lost a very winnable campaign...I say this as a Democrat. Obama made a miscalculation early on in his Administration to focus on healthcare and it did hurt his domestic agenda. Jobs were not created fast enough...partly because the Recession was far deeper than we knew and also partly due to lack of additional stimulus...read Paul Krugman for more on that. The Republican Party legislatively did everything they could to ensure Obama was a one term President and they failed.

    The sobering truth here is that demographically speaking the Republican Party is being seen as the party of old White people (my exact demographic...I am white and 52); the Republican Party is 90% Caucasian, while the Democratic Party is only 60%...when you look deeper at the numbers, additionally, the Republicans got 80% of the Evangelical vote also, which is the bloc that helps to determine the primaries. Those are not good national numbers...especially in population dense urban centers. Obama won by 3% in the popular vote and it would have been more had he not pivoted to the middle and had Obama not tanked in the first debate.

    I know you are a partisan, but I also know how libertarian you are on Social matters. There is a great deal of common ground here socially that if done right could result in a new type of political consensus...if only the "reasonable" adults in the Republican Party would step up.

    1. Bob,

      Great to see you here in the Valley!

      I understand the Policy argument, but I was focusing on the "Mechanics" of the campaign. If you cannot hire staff who win campaigns, how can you win?

      Bob, I also agree about the debates and the long drawn Primary (soon to be addressed in this corner of cyberspace!) brought out the worst of the GOP, but again, to get to Policy you have to go through the Pragmatic issue of dealing with your own voters.

      Also I saw a Gothy friend of mine freak out over Rep. Ryan, a fiscal Conservative. She was part of the Right in the Dark contingent and swallowed the Tarkin Doctrine #7 whole. Even though I have explained How Congress Works and for propaganda about a Fiscal Con to be painted as SoCon, then Mechanics is still the problem.

      And finally (well, you did write a long piece :}), it takes Mechanics (and publicity and finances) to convince the GOP that 55 Electoral Votes through the heart of beautiful LA is the way to go. Those 55 Electoral votes = Social Liberterianism.

      Romney's actions made it harder for any CAGOP or RPLAC member to be heard.

      Bob, thanks for coming by!


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