Monday, November 12, 2012

Open Letter to Chairman John Deasy, LAUSD, Part 6

Chairman Deasy,

Congratulations on your Presidential candidate winning and Prop 30 passing!

Many of us on the opposite side of the political line will be licking our wounds and prepping for Local Elections.  As long as taxpayer funds are spent wisely, and no kids are harmed by their teachers, the spotlight will not shine in your direction (from me anyway in this Local Electoral Cycle).

All I want is my Mom to return from the industrial wasteland where she works and get back to Baudry where she can contribute a lot of good whatever department she works in.  The paperwork is in, please expedite her return as soon as possible because she injured herself in this empty area -- she needs to be around people, and Baudry is "Her Home,"  

All my Mom wants is to work continuously during the full 12 months at Baudry. 

Please keep her happy.

Thanks for all your help.



PS: I take office in December for two years and if any constituent has problems with LAUSD, it is part of my job to help. 

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