Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What the Democrats Forgot, Republicans Learned

(or why the Democrats will never regain the New Deal Coalition ever again)

What Modern Democrats never say
I touched on this issue a few months back.  But, this article highlights something I've been saying:

It doesn't matter about the Republican nominee this minute, just the fact that the Democrats will not retain Congress longer then half a decade.  The "Boston-Austin," connection is gone. Democrats had a 40 year Majority that ended in 1994 and they are still whinging about it.

The Modern Democrats are like Al Bundy, "I scored FOUR TOUCHDOWNS IN A SINGLE GAME for Polk High!!" 

The Democrats USED to be supportive of Free Speech. Not anymore.  The Democrats USED to support Democracy Overseas.  Tell that to the Bush fils Administration.  The Democrats USED to be a "Party of the people," but now they look down upon Wal-mart shoppers and women who rose from PTA  to Governors. (Such as this Blogger)

Unfortunately, with the advent of the Inter tubes, people can see the actions belie the rhetoric (click all the links in the above paragraph, my point is more then proven).

If the Occupy Movement was really about the "people," (I listen to KPFK talk about how they are from "the people," too. Ha!), they would give up their tents, their human microphones (what a way to lose your humanity!) and their tinkle fingers.  But they won't.  (Look at Occupy LA)

If the Occupy Movement was truly serious, it would come up with solutions other then "We hate Capitalism and banks!"  

When the tea party happened, the Left called us all sorts of names and accused everyone involved of anything and everything.  It turned out the tea party waved American Flags high and loved America whomever was in charge.  The anti-war protesters HATED Bush and were shown how hypocritical they are over Libya (Rush to war with NO Congressional authorization. Hypocrites).

Here is picture perfect example of the difference between the two groups and why the new Deal Coalition is flagging:

So, the Democrats attack the older voters, the blue class voters and some of us pale folk.  Fine.

All three of these groups vote in most every election.  The Democrats used to be a "Party of the people,"  The last time the Democrats ran a non-Ivy league for POTUS was 1965.  The last time the Republicans ran a non-Ivy league was 1984.  Think on that, my Democratic friends.  And if Palin decides to get in late and wins, she will be the first non-Ivy since 1984. 

The new Deal Coalition created by FDR was about helping every man, woman and child rise.  Truman, JFK and LBJ subscribed to that theory.  The New Deal Coalition were proud to be American no matter who was in office (yes, the Democrats had the run of Washington, but there was President Eisenhower and Democrats even stood with Ike during the Cold war -- as Republicans did with low polling Truman.) 

Contrary to American myth, the Democrats forgot about "the people," and Republicans aren't really about the ultra rich (look at the voting records of Beverly Hills and Malibu and tell me that the GOP is supported by the Rich.  I dare you)

Most of the Democratic legislators are as old as the New Deal, whereas within the GOP, young activists rise faster. 

When Republicans talk about "the people," we respect them.  No matter what.  If the voters vote against us, we don't whing about (see 1960, 1964), we prepare for the next election. 

The thing every campaigner should know for 2012: Republicans trust the people, Democrats look down upon them.  See 1984 and 1965 for precedent.

My question: Why did the Democrats give up on "the people?"  And why does Occupy care more about tents then putting people to work?

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