Friday, November 18, 2011

"Commerce, Democracy and Rock & Roll!"

I live in LA. Heck, I love LA!

This is the Land of the Hollywood Pitch. There are booksclasses and "days," where you can learn how to use (and also put into use) "The Hollywood Pitch,"

And what is the Hollywood Pitch?

An idea composed of 25 words or less.  Watch below:

The Player (1992), Part 1

The Player (1992), Part 2

As Election 2012 comes ever closer (step by step, inch by inch...), we who are Activists, Bloggers and Politicos should learn to sell the Country, the "Hollywood Pitch," of our views.

Next year will be a two front war, against both Democrats and Media.  While the Democrats and media might be filled with the intellectuals, the Right is the Party of the Car Salesmen.

Very few Intellectuals can sell their ideas, but we on the Right have an easier time.

Except during Elections we must remember to not only sell our candidates (from POTUS to City Council), but our ideas.  This post is not so much for Candidates as it is for their Staff and volunteers.

Ready? Let's Pitch!

Look at the title of this post: Commerce, Democracy and Rock & Roll -- We on the Right stand for all three.

When you make phone calls and knock on doors to people who are "on the fence," when it comes to Candidates and Parties.

Why Commerce?

Unlike the Left who have a large distrust of the Private sector, we believe in Commerce of all sorts makes Peace.  Two people doing business together don't fight unless one Reneges.  (That's why Lawyers were invented)  When you support a Local Conservative candidate, they in turn support Local Business' and make it easier for them to operate.

Don't believe me? Look at these two charts:

Now we move onto Democracy:
Back in my formative youth, both parties agreed to this dictum: Politics stops at the Waters edge.

First Speaker Wright (D-TX) broke that rule (read about it in The Ambition and the Power) then the protests began over Gulf War I.  

Twelve years later, Bush fils spent Political Capitol to bring Democracy to the Middle East, starting in Iraq.  Where were the Democrats? Out washing their tights! Or protesting again, saying that Dictators are fine to work with.  

When it comes to Foreign Policy, Democrats and their supporters make their decision depending on who is in the White House.  Rush to war? When President Obama went into Libya, he neither got Congressional Authorization or went to the UN.  Where was Code Pink?  Quiet as a lamb.

The Republican Party was founded on expanding the Democracy franchise.  The Confederate States of America were defeated in that purpose (with protests and non-support by, you guessed it, the Democrats).  Every time a Republican is in power, the franchise grows.  African-Americans, women and other nations (excepting FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ who followed Lincoln's lead -- Democrats since Carter gave up on that belief).

When a Republican votes, we accept that vote no matter where it comes from.  If we lose, we don't blame the voters -- Democrats do.  

Thus, we on the Right support Democracy.

Finally, Rock and roll!

When you have Commerce, you have bands trying to get better to get the best equipment (say, Gibson guitars) by being better musicians, and under Democracy, teenagers need not rebel against a dictator but against their parents.  

And the first thing any teenager wants to do is start a Rock band, not set off bombs.  

And now, a little rock and roll:

My question: What is your Political Philosophy in a Hollywood Pitch? 

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