Sunday, November 13, 2011

Romney, Meg Whitman and the "Local Yokels"

When I lived in New Jersey (briefly), I contacted the New Jersey Republican Party.  This was in the early 90's.  At the time, former President Nixon was still alive and living in the Garden State.

I asked: "Does President Nixon ever involve himself in New Jersey politics?"

The answer cracked my late father up for years.

On the phone, the lady from the New Jersey Republican Party said: He doesn't deal with us Local Yokels.

The Original "Local Yokels," -- The Dukes of Hazzard

As we get close to the beginning of Presidential primary season (and Primaries for all other positions for 2012), let me step in and say Romney will be not be helpful to any 2012 Candidate below Senator.  Hence, us Local Yokels.

I always say "History is Precedence," And we Local Yokels in the Southland need only to look to Election 2010 to see how Romney (Meg Whitman's ally and someone who works with her former staff) will screw the rest of the Local Republicans.  From New Jersey to California, and everywhere in between. 

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. 

After the Governator debacle, Meg Whitman bought up the Primary.  

Her staff never visited Los Angeles until ONE MONTH before the Primary.  And to throw ignorance upon stupidity (with lots of Money as well), Meg Whitman never made it any of the local meetings in the basin. Not the SFVRC; Not the Westside GOP; and even more important, Whitman never showed up to RPLAC.  You can thank Maya Buki, who was in charge of LA basin for that quick thinking (who now works with Romney in Massachusetts)

When I was at the 30th CD Primary party with Ari David, there were multiple groans among the multiple communicators who were there.  Whitman could buy a Primary, but she had never won an election.  

It was during this time that I was promoting the Southland Fundraiser.  Following Sun Tzu's dictum of Regular and Irregular forces, I was planning on bringing New Media to work with our "Local Yokel," candidates to help flip the basin in a Tidal year.  (If I work for the California Republican party, I hope to promote the Southland Fundraiser once more and use it every two years)

The Whitman people (as the Romney people) think they are the smartest people in the room.  There is a story from my Sue Abato (Marcia Tookey Golden Bear winner) on how the Whitman staff thought they knew more then the Woman's Federated here in LA.  I laughed myself silly thinking about that scene. Locals beating the slickster again.  

During Election 2010, our local candidates could have used some funds (as did RPLAC and all of our Assembly District Committees). 

Whitman wanted to win, but she did not care if any other Republican would win.  

And that's what you'll get if Romney wins the primaries.  Any "Local" candidate from your part of the country will be abandoned.  All the Political funds will be held onto by Romney only, and like Meg Whitman, they will not share, no matter how close the Election in your area is next year. 

So, Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina, I ask you and all of your voters, if you want to win 2012, do NOT support Romney.  Look at how California lost out on the 2010 tide.

Romney, with a touch of Zaphod Beeblebrox
My question: Now that you know what makes Romney's team go, how will you defend your "Local Yokels?"

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