Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Movie Night -- The Thirteenth Floor

Before we go back to Doctor Who (next weekend), one more movie to enjoy!

While I am building a couple of things; Practicing a speech for January 2012, and trying to get a Delegate/Blogger position for the Tampa 2012 Convention and still find a beautiful Gothy Muse to dance with [whew!]; I offer a movie night.

I will be posting this week as well.

1) How to Vote (High School and Electoral College Edition)
2) Why the Tea Party will outlast Occupy Wall Street
2A) Possibly comparing Occupy Wall Street to some Roman Republic History -- stay tuned, maybe December for this
3) Foreign Policy and Obama: Obama wins, but in a Charlie Sheen kind of way. 

Ok, enough with me yapping, enjoy this surreal movie!

And now, the Thirteenth Floor!

From Crackle: The Thirteenth Floor

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