Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where there is smoke, there is fire

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That didn't take long, did it?

How did Senator Clinton get away with saying this? Now, even as partisan as I am, I wish well for all the candidates (and Presidents); It seems that Senator Clinton is exposing a side of the Democrats we denizens of the Valley have known all along.

If you didn't like the Clintons in the 90's, there was always a list circulating of people they "killed," Here is a copy of that list. During the 90's, when we had Republicans and Conservatives call the Clintons, "Sociopaths," they were scutted to the side. In Democratic parlance, you call a Republican President a "sociopath," you get to keep a show on Air America.

How did the Clintons get this far? Heck, we've only been mentioning Liberal Hate Speech in the Valley for a while. But, here is the rhetoric used on Republicans and Conservatives. Not that far from Senator Clinton's view of other Democrats.

Here's a hint: If you don't like this rhetoric, don't use it on other Americans. We disagree, fine -- that doesn't make us criminals or or any other Ad Hominims. Democrats, the Clintons are your problem; the Republican Congress even tried to help you in the 90's, but as we know, Democrats hate Republicans more than Dictators.

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  1. When will these politicians realize that elections are not coronations and they are not entitled to their political offices? I am so sick and tired of this idea that anything goes and everything is fair game. Clinton shouldn't have brought up Kennedy, McCain shouldn't HAVE to deal with the pastor issue, and notice that his experience has been NOTHING compared to Obama's pastoral mess. I mean, come on let's get some actual issues to discuss. RAF

  2. "When will these politicians realize that elections are not coronations and they are not entitled to their political offices?"

    When the people start voting them out...


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