Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jargon from the Valley

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If you've been reading the Valley for a while, or even if you're new, here is some terms I use here and what they mean. The inspiration came from the "Jargon from the Rush Limbaugh Show," Wiki.

Ready to see some future Webster terms?

Bi-Partisanship: When Government works when there is difference in parties between the branches. Even during Impeachments (of Nixon and Clinton), the business of Government still got done. Under Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, nothing got done.

Conversion: The way to win over Political voters and Policy debates. Not castigation, as performed by Modern Democrats and anyone who is not in lockstep (See Senator [and former V.P. candidate] Joseph Liberman)

Democratic Anti-Semitism: The press can find Republican Anti-semitism; However as someone who has been high up in the Conservative and Republican staffers, support of Israel is knee-jerk. Democrats and Liberals offer excuses for Palestinian instigations. See Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Heathlander and Pacifica radio

Democrats Do Not Believe in Democracy: See Wilsonianism

Encyclicals: Posts giving ideas for Republicans and Conservatives to win a majority.

Harold Saxon: Doctor Who enemy who became Prime Minister of United Kingdom. The American equivalent is Senator Hillary Clinton.

Institutionalism: Respect for individuals within offices even if you do not support their policy goals. I dislike Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid and President Clinton, but I will respect them because of the offices they hold. Other people voted for them; Why disrespect other Americans? (See Bipartisanship). Institutionalism is the opposite belief of Code Pink and Modern Democrats and Liberals.

Liberal Hate Speech: Liberals who wish people who do not believe in their worldview dead or imprisoned. They are represented by Nazguls. If Republicans said half the Liberal hate Speech, they would be despised. However, Liberals and Democrats are allowed to wish people dead.

Nazguls: In the Lord of the Rings, their are Nine. In the world of Liberal Hate Speech, three have been discovered: Thom Hartmann, Keith Olbermann and Robert Scheer. In the Real World of Liberal hate Speech, there are more then Nine.

Nixonian Foreign Policy: Kissingerian belief of Realpolitick. To maintain peace between nations, deals with dictators can be made. The Democrats current foreign policy position.

Peace: What everyone in the world wants. How to get there? Using Code Pink's methods creates anarchy, bringing Wilsonianism (see below) to the world is the best way.

Southland Tales: Movie by Richard Kelly. Surreal, interesting and ties into a lot of subjects here in the Valley.

Wilsonianism: Belief that Democracy is better then Dictatorships. When I was a Democrat in 1990, the democrats believed in Wilsonianism for the Middle East. In 2003, Democrats opposed President Bush for supporting this theory. Current Democrats do not support the "Concert of Democracies"

Do you know of any other terms from the Valley?

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  1. I think I might have to do this for my own blog. I'm working on a definition for "Asshattery" right now.


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