Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bi-Partisanship, the One Ring, the Uruk-hai -- Book 2

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Read this first.

Interestingly enough, Thom Hartmann discussed on Monday two things: How the Democrats can bring this country together, and David Horowitz. I laughed for a while at the first one. With David Horowitz, Hartmann followed the path laid forward by the crowd at the Los Angeles Book Festival-- any contradictory information to his World view, he chose to SHOUT DOWN. Continuously.

When I said in Part One is how Republicans and Democrats want to help America. Like Tolkien's Fellowship, both believe they are keeping Mordor at bay. While Conservatives and Republicans believe that to fight Mordor to the edge by spreading the idea of Democracy will change the battlefield in the Middle East and Central Asia, Democrats believe that stopping Global warming is a way of sending the One Ring towards Mount Doom.

And who are the Uruk-hai? All of us partisans, whether Talk radio Hosts, Consultants, candidates or Bloggers.

Hartmann's mistake is he is a policy guy who tries politics. By not allowing in differing views, he shows Blindness. Keith Olbermann is a man who would do well under a Totalitarian State. Why? He would be in charge of the Secret Police asking for papers. Robert Scheer is the old intellectual who believes that anyone who is not him is wrong.

Now with those people guiding the force that are Democrats, how the hell can they bring bi-partisanship?

First they call President Bush stupid and attack him for going into Iraq; Then, when explanations come forth on how Wilsonianism trumps Terrorism, the Democrats choose to ignore it. And how is the Left showing it's support to America's allies? Sonali Kolhatkar of Radio Uprising called for the elimination of Israel today.

The Left does not support America's allies; They don't support American Presidents who are not Democrats. Lets start from 2007, what actions have the Democrats done to create Bi-partisanship? [Ladies and Gentlemen, Bi-partisanship is simple, whichever party holds the Executive Branch, the opposite party must make deals. That is why Speaker Gingrich failed and why Speaker Pelosi is failing today]

Seven years of rhetoric on how all Conservatives and Republicans are criminals; Seven years of Rhetoric on how all Conservatives and Republicans must be silenced. Within two years, Charles Manson created a series of murderers and future assassins of President Ford -- what will the rhetoric of Hartmann, Olbermann, and Scheer begat?

It starts with a 10 year old kid threatening assassination of our current president. Not one of these three men find anything wrong with that scenario. I am disgusted if people want to hurt Senator Clinton or Obama (or McCain). Why aren't they?

Conservatives and Republicans think that spreading Democracy (originally a Democratic party ideal) is a way of spreading Peace. Democrats and Liberals support stopping Global Warming as a way of helping Life on Earth. What would it have gained Frodo and sam if they said that Aragorn's "so-called" War on Mordor is imaginary, just get the One Ring to Mount Doom?

On the Conservative side, we have two Bloggers trying to stop the "Scouring of the Shire" in America and Europe. They are Aurora and Pamela Atlas.

If something happens to President Bush, I will spread Hartmann's, Olbermann's and Scheer's home address' and phone numbers on here. A simple Sword of Damocles that should not be sheathed. But, I also believe in Redemption too. That will be in the concluding post.

The question for this post is: What have you done for Bi-partisanship?

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  1. I haven't done anything for bipartisanship because I don't believe in it and I am now a Libertarian. Both parties don't do anything for me and have very little difference between the two.

  2. JSF, there's nothing I can say here that I didn't say about part one. You can do better than this.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM PDT

    I have to agree with Malcot Israel on this one. I'm having trouble believing in any of the major parties any more though the horrifying thought of an Obama-run America will probably send me down to the American embassy on voting day.
    Thanks for the kind words about our 'scouring of the Shire'. I can't speak for Pamela but for me, the black sheep post at TMS says it all. Most of us are just small voices in a howling sandstorm. A few listen to us and the vast majority don't. I'm just hoping that somewhere in that few, someone who can do something that I can't is listening.


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